It is estimated that 63% of people in the UK struggle have some sort of financial debt. Of course this is massively correlated to increased stress levels & mental health issues. The most important thing in dealing with debt is to gain the courage to look at & start to deal with your debt – one step at a time. Contacting a specialist debt organisation for free help, advice & useful resources is a must! Learn more HERE.

From then on, it gets easier – trust me! You’re not living in fear of the next bill coming through the door & feeling powerless. Dare I say it, finding ways to reduce (& maybe even eliminate) debt can even be fun! Our brains release pleasure chemicals when we achieve goals (even debt related ones!) – it’s an actual proven “thing” now, called gamification of debt!


Here are some ideas to gamify your debt which I have used myself –

  • Car Boot Sales – there’s nothing like the atmosphere of a car boot sale plus you get the added benefit of clearing out things you no longer need from your home or wardrobe & making some extra money. I have often made £200-300 on a good car boot sale day! Plus it is great fun – just make sure not to spend all your takings looking round other people’s stalls!


  • Use fun printables to chart your money making / saving activities – this gives you a great visual encouragement for your money goals. And who doesn’t love a cute design chart – you could even give yourself a gold star for every £10 saved!



  • Here’s another printable idea for you – how about a big debt countdown chart which you can mark off at increments? There’s nothing as satisfying as seeing the debt level reduce in front of your very eyes! There are lots of fun ideas on Etsy or you can make your own!


  • I honestly think competitions are the best fun. Whether your friends have debt to clear themselves or not, who wouldn’t want to make a little extra money for fun…? How about a monthly challenge – who can make the most money from selling unwanted items online. Or the first person to de-clutter so many items to be sold. The winner gets a slap up meal cooked for them or similar (budget-friendly) prize!


  • How about roping your friends or family into helping you run a garage sale from your home? You could even bake some homemade treats to sell too!


  • If you have any free time, how about monetising something which you also enjoy & may even be qualified in – dog walking, dog grooming, beauty or holistic therapies. A great way to earn more money towards that debt and doing something fulfilling & worthwhile too!
  • If you are a crafter (I will admit, this is not one of my talents!) then how about making little trinkets, items which you can sell either to family or friends or through an online marketplace? It could be crocheted or Knitted items, jewelry, resin items, handmade greetings cards etc etc…
As stated, the most important thing is to talk to someone about the extent of your debt & get a plan in place to reduce it. Then you can start having fun in the process!
Let me know if you have used any other fun tips to increase your income or to keep you focused on a debt relief journey?