I was lucky enough to receive a pack of Trade 2 Aid’s Reusable sanitary pads for my use & to review for the blog. I have been aware of these types of products for some time now but had never taken the plunge to try them or to really find out much about them….

I have used eco-friendly pads for a few years now & was pretty happy with them (apart from the high cost compared to regular brands!).

To be honest, I think the initial higher cost of the re-usable pads put me off slightly, as well as the fact I thought I’d be walking round with soaking material…. I couldn’t see how they could be as absorbent as a disposable pad….

The Trade 2 Aid pack arrived & it looked great – I showed it to a friend & she said “Oh wow, they look funky!” – they have a great modern design & are really well made. I was so impressed reading the details about how they are made – with a special inner absorbent core & soft, comfortable cover. And they are made from recycled materials – did you know regular pads may contain up to 90% plastic?! Not nice…!

I couldn’t wait for my next period to try them out (& I’ve never said that before!). Now, my periods are usually really heavy, I need to change pads a LOT on heavy flow days (say 3-6 heavy flow pads) so I wasn’t sure if these would be up to the challenge.

BUT they sure were! I think on my heaviest flow day I only had to use 3 of the re-usable pads – 2 during the day & 1 overnight. So impressed! They really do absorb a lot!

There is a special bag enclosed for putting the pads in to wash them. I tried this the first time without soaking or rinsing them first & unfortunately they didn’t wash well… but that’s probably my fault. I ended up soaking & rinsing them in cold water straight after each use & then hand washing & leaving to dry. Not the quickest, easiest process – but weirdly satisfying seeing exactly how much blood they have been able to hold!

The pack contains 2 light flow pads, 2 medium flow pads & 2 heavy flow pads. I only used 1 of the light flow pads & to be honest I wished there was another heavy flow pad, especially if a previously washed one wasn’t dry in time.

They performed great at night time too – no leakage & were really comfortable. The popper fastenings fit securely around underwear. I found the medium & larger pads stayed in place better when walking around. I have a very active job (dog walker!) & I found the light pad slipped slightly out of place with all my activity! They do have a slightly more bulky feel when wearing if you are used to ultra thin pads, but I didn’t find them too bulky at all.

Overall I’m really impressed with these & wish I’d tried them sooner! Yes, the initial investment is higher (£30) – but considering they will last for years that is a big saving in the long run! And so much more eco-friendly for the planet. I also love the company ethos of donating one kit for every one bought! I have recommended them to all my friends & now to all you readers as well!

Let me know if you have used reusable pads before? And if not, what are you waiting for? Give Trade 2 Aid a try – I promise you won’t be disappointed! You can view their website & products HERE.