I know, I know – the sunshine days of summer are fading & winter is fast approaching. A lot of people start to get really down & depressed thinking of the dark days & nights & the imminent cold weather… But what about the joy & beauty of Autumn…. What if we try to be present & really enjoy this season & all it brings before deep winter sets in?

Here are some reasons I love Autumn –

Golden leaves & golden light

Need I say more?! Pure beauty & a miracle of nature. I adore the late afternoon golden light on sunny days. There are some amazing places to walk in the UK to take in the splendour of the Autumn colours!

Wrapping up warm & cosy

There’s nothing better than cosying up in your favourite jumper & scarf to ward off the chill in the air once the Autumn sets in. I prefer natural, luxurious fabrics – cashmere, wool blends etc which add to the luxurious feel!

Warm, creamy drinks

Your favourite may be hot chocolate. I am partial to a homemade turmeric oat milk drink – filled with natural goodness – warming & comforting.

Slowing down

Nature is slowing down & so are we. Autumn always feels like a welcome pause after the busyness of summer & before the madness of the Festive period.


Ah yes – Autumn decor! I’m taking my dogs to a pumpkin patch this year for some gorgeous Autumn photos!


Need I say more?! Big & little kids love getting dressed up & having parties for Halloween. No parties here, but the dogs might get dressed up this year haha!

If you’re looking for Autumn Ideas For Kids – check out THIS post!

Why do you love Autumn? Tell me below!