Now – I have to preface this by saying – A) I don’t own a TV (yes really!) & B) I have the attention span of a fish so rarely can settle down to watch things on the laptop! I also hate scary, violent things so that rules a lot of the popular series’ out. My go-to’s are lighthearted, feel-good, funny & here are my top 5 (in no particular order!).

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (Prime) 

OMG I think this definitely was my favourite. So quirky, witty, funny with amazing acting, costumes & storyline. Cannot wait for Season 4!

Red Oaks (Prime)

I clicked on this randomly to see what it was about & I was so glad I did! Another quirky, funny series which I absolutely loved. I think I cried at the last episode!

Sweet Magnolias (Netflix)

Awwww I loved this. Easy to watch, feel good but with a hint of drama. Season 2 should be released soon, so looking forward to it.

Virgin River (Netflix)

I wanted to move away to Virgin River myself – such stunning scenery! Feel good but also quite heart-pumping at times.

The Good Witch (Netflix)

This is a recent watch & I’m only a few episodes in (might take me a while to finish it all as there are 7 seasons!). All things witchy, spiritual & alternative which I love!

OH – & how could I forget….?! Bonus entry for……..

Bridgerton (Prime)

WOW! Acting, costumes, set, raunchy storyline… all amazing. Loved every minute!