There is no need to buy & use expensive, toxic cleaning products for use in your home, when there are many non-toxic, cheaper alternatives that do just as good a job! If you have any chronic health issues (like me!) or have a household full of pets (like me!) that you don’t want to expose to unnecessary chemicals, then read on to discover what you could use instead! Here are my top 3!

White Vinegar –

The Holy Grail of non-toxic cleaning! There really are so many uses for this (in fact I may do a whole blog post on it!). It can be used to clean windows, clean & deodorize the toilet, clean the inside of the fridge, clean carpets, disinfect (yes, white vinegar has some antibacterial action!) chopping blocks, soften laundry & remove clothing stains etc etc….

Bicarbonate of Soda –

General kitchen cleaning, great for tough stains on pots & pans, deodorising carpets & smelly pet beds!, whiten laundry, clearing clogged drains etc etc…

Lemons –

Can be mixed with vinegar & water for a whole host of cleaning purposes. As well as adding a zesty fragrance, lemon juice also cuts surprisingly well through grease & grime. Great for polishing pots & pans, descaling kettles, removing stains & killing bacteria on surfaces!

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