Let’s talk flooring! Boring topic? Not really – as the look, feel & durability of our flooring is a major part of the design & aesthetic of our home.  If you’re looking for flooring options for your home what do you look for? The best deal? The cheapest price? The nicest colour? Do you really know the difference in the flooring options available? And while we’re at it, let’s talk pest control for your home. Such an important topic but definitely not nice to think about. This is why it is so important to use a reputable, professional company, after all, you don’t want to risk losing all of your beautiful new wooden floorings. A good pest control company, which you can find by searching for pest control CA or similar in an area near you, will inspect and treat your home to ensure it remains pest free.

I know I certainly never thought about either of these 2 topics! As a landlord of rental properties, when refurbishing the houses the only requirement for flooring was the cheapest possible option! I soon found out that this was not a good move! Cheap laminate floor gets chipped & dented so easily, especially in a rental environment with possibly many tenants passing through. And dare I say it but often tenants who did not care for the property as they might their own house! Combine that with water damage, cigarette burns etc etc & it certainly never took long before the whole flooring had to be taken up & replaced. Which obviously ended up costing a lot more money in the long run! Not a great business model! Plus, have you ever tried to install flooring yourself? It can be extremely stressful, necessitating the hire of workmen for repeat installation too. And when it comes to pest control, it is so important to have a reliable company on hand for any emergencies.
If I had been more sensible I would have seen the benefit of paying out slightly more at the outset for a better quality flooring which would be a lot more hard wearing. Luckily I have learnt from my mistakes and have installed a much better quality flooring in my own home. What is this magic flooring I hear you ask? It’s called engineered wood flooring – an amazing invention which has the strength, quality & aesthetic of 100% pure wood. But luckily with a price point which is more accessible to the average household. It is actually made with up to 3 layers of timber and finished with a high quality, high wearing veneer surface. It could fool even the toughest critic into thinking that the floor is solid wood!
Another advantage of engineered wood is that it can even be re-sanded during it’s lifetime to re-finish it & remove any surface stains or marks.
We all know how luxurious a quality wood can feel & look. The richness of the colours, the quality of the grain, the robustness under your feet… Is it wrong to get so excited about flooring?
The colours deserve a special mention – it is not just the ordinary, standard (dare I say it, cheap) looking colours which are available. Have a look at the options available online & be prepared to be impressed. You will surely find the perfect tonal engineered wood to match your decor no matter what room in the house you are decorating. Natural oak, a deep, rich walnut or maybe a trendy grey oak?
I know in my own home, wooden flooring is so much more practical as I have 5 pairs of (often muddy) paws walking through it! And as we discovered when first having a puppy – they like to chew carpets (as well as pee & poo on them! Not so easy to clean!). And our engineered wood choice has certainly paid off in it’s durability factor.
Let me know if you have any preferences for flooring in your own home. Have you ever considered engineered wood as an option? And why not have a browse through the colours available here & let me know your favourite? I really like the smoked oak – a deeper, richer tone than the natural shades. And so unique, I’ve never seen it anywhere else!