I admit it – I have a new found love of gardening! And I’m not even 40 yet! Here are the reasons that I have grown to love gardening (it hasn’t always been that way – although I did have an obsession with The Secret Garden book when I was young!)

It gets me outdoors 

Simple! Fresh air, sunshine – there’s nowhere else I’d rather be than outside! Although I admit I’m not a fan of pottering in the garden in the rain & wind!

Sense of achievement

It is SO satisfying to see the results of putting little seeds in pots of soil. It’s like a miracle when the shoots, leaves & then flowers grow! Although I admit, I’ve had many failed attempts also.

Pretty flowers

I ADORE flowers – they are one of my favourite things in the world. I love the colours, the textures, the shapes, the scents, the whole essence of them. One of the most satisfying things this year was to have little posies of homegrown flowers in the house. So beautiful!


There is a massive community of gardening lovers of ALL ages online – I specifically found them on Instagram. Such a lovely way to meet new people & share all things gardening.

Homegrown Food

OK – I admit, I haven’t mastered this one yet….! I did attempt to grow some purple sprouting broccoli but Holly the dog enjoyed munching on it! I’m definitely more of a flower girl, than veg. Oh – actually, I do have 2 blueberry bushes so that counts!

There are great tips for making your garden fun in the summer on this blog!

For the apres-summer months my fellow blogger has a great post on how to prepare your garden for winter! You can read it HERE.

I’d love to know if you enjoy gardening, and if so, why?!